Lucifer season 5 wish list: Everything we need to see in the new season

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Lucifer season 5
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With Lucifer season 5 being the series last, our wish list of what we want to see has changed. Here are five must-haves that would make all Lucifans happy as Hell.

A quick list of five things we want Lucifer season 5 to include was published at Netflix Life earlier last month. However, that was before we knew Lucifer would be renewed for another round.

Now that Lucifans know for sure that the most devilish series on Netflix will return and that this is the shows final season, our list of demands has adapted. This is, after all, the last we’ll see of our favorite characters.

We have put a list together and trimmed it down based on priorities, the ultimate must-haves. You can have a look at our old list here, which includes Eve returning among other things. This new and improved list features wishes that quickly rose to the top after learning season 5 would be our goodbye.

Before we get to it, I believe we should express Netflix some gratitude. If it weren’t for the streaming giant bringing Lucifer back to life after Fox canceled the show, we would not have been gifted with two additional seasons.

Now, even though we very much wish Netflix would renew Lucifer for a sixth season, we will at least have some closure with a proper finale this way. And I’m sure we can all agree that is a lot better than a sudden cancellation.

Check out the following list and be sure to let us know if you agree and what you would like to add!

1. The number of episodes

Fine, we have accepted that season 5 is Lucifer’s last, but can we at least have more than 10 episodes? We’re not asking for too much, though you can’t blame us for feeling a little greedy, we are Lucifans, after all. How perfect would 13 episodes be?

If we can’t get more than 10 episodes, then at least grant us longer chapters. Maybe an episode or two (the final two) can be over an hour long? I mean, let’s be honest, there are a lot of character stories the series needs to perfectly stitch together to leave fans satisfied.