I Am Mother: 5 questions we have after watching the movie

I Am Mother on Netflix via Media Center
I Am Mother on Netflix via Media Center /
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I Am Mother on Netflix via Media Center
I Am Mother on Netflix via Media Center /

3. What was Woman’s purpose?

So we have learned Woman and Daughter are clones from the same set of embryos. But how and why did Woman grow up outside of the bunker among humans? Why is she back now? Why did Mother not raise Woman? How did she survive for so long? And, most importantly, what was her purpose?

There isn’t a direct answer for this, but we have a good theory based on the clue crumbs I Am Mother drops along the way.

After leaving Daughter in the bunker, accepting that she’s worthy of restarting Earth, Mother sets out to track Woman. It’s a simple task since, well Mother is an AI droid, but also because she placed a tracker in Woman’s bag. When Woman is found, Mother has a few questions.

Mother asks Woman if she ever found it strange how she doesn’t remember her birth parents. It’s also curious that Woman never wondered why she’s the only survivor. Has it all been by chance? Woman is just lucky? Not at all. Here’s our theory!

Woman is the first embryo Mother activates. Mother, however, sets Woman free to be raised by humans. We’re not sure exactly why. But we do know Woman is considered a failure in the eyes of Mother. Here’s how Mother probably sees things…

Daughter is kind, intelligent, and has a desire to nurture others and help repopulate the world. Woman, on the other hand, is selfish, a liar, and has no desire to join anyone else. Woman is even willing to kill Daughter to save herself, as she threatens to do in one scene. Woman also did not return to the bunker with Daughter to help rescue the baby.

To Mother, Daughter is a human worthy of inheriting Earth and has all the right morals and values. All Woman did was further prove this about Daughter. Therefore, her purpose has been served — she’s not worthy of the peaceful Earth Mother is trying to create.