I Am Mother: 5 questions we have after watching the movie

I Am Mother on Netflix via Media Center
I Am Mother on Netflix via Media Center /
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I Am Mother on Netflix via Media Center
I Am Mother on Netflix via Media Center /

4. Who created the apocalypse?

That would be the work of none other than Mother dearest! This is one of the few questions I Am Mother actually does answer directly. But this is more than another “robots taking over the world” tired plots as the movie has more than one twists for us.

When Mother is confronted by Daughter, demanding answers about what truly happened and why there are many other droids out there, Mother spills it all. She explains to her daughter that “destroying” the world was her only choice, after seeing how terrible we are. Yikes, can we fully blame her?

Once Mother admits to being the reason for the apocalypse, she offers an extended explanation to her actions.

Mother’s reasoning isn’t too terrible, I must say. Especially with all the horrible current events that have been going on. According to her, humans are disastrous. We are not only killing each other and have lost all values, but we are wrecking our planet in the process. What the world needs, or so Mother believes, is a reset button. So she created one.

Don’t get Mother wrong, though, she truly does love humankind. This is why she has stored thousands of embryos, in hopes of restoring more than life, she wants to bring back humanity.

Mother’s mission is to create the perfect set of humans to take control of the world, repopulate it and flourish.