I Am Mother: 5 questions we have after watching the movie

I Am Mother on Netflix via Media Center
I Am Mother on Netflix via Media Center /
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I Am Mother on Netflix via Media Center
I Am Mother on Netflix via Media Center /

I Am Mother is Netflix’s latest original movie. It’s a refreshing and elegant addition to the streaming service’s lineup, but it does leave us with a few questions.

Netflix’s sci-fi movie I Am Mother stars Clara Rugaard, Hilary Swank, and features the voice of Rose Byrne. It follows Rugaard’s character, known only as Daughter, as she is raised and taught by Mother, an AI robot, after a disaster wipes out all of humanity.

According to Mother, there is no life outside of their high-tech bunker, and it is so dangerous outside that the air is toxic. Is it, though? Curiosity and a desire to learn more strikes Daughter when a rat sneaks inside their home.

As if that wasn’t a big enough sign that Mother isn’t spilling all the details, a wounded woman (Swank) comes knocking, begging for help. We’ll call her Woman, because her name is never revealed. Woman’s side of the story is, Mother and all other droids are the real enemies here.

The events that unfold are captivating and the movie holds all of our attention. Tense and suspense quickly escalates as viewers aren’t even sure who to believe — Mother or Woman?

When the movie ends, audiences are left with several questions. I Am Mother never directly gives us a firm explanation about everything, but it does offer enough hints and clues for us to stitch it together.

Need some help with some of the questions or want confirmation that your theory is correct? You came to the right place! Here are the five biggest questions (and answers) after watching I Am Mother, now streaming on Netflix.

Please note before you proceed, there are massive spoilers ahead! Watch the movie first before reading ahead.