One-Punch Man Season 2 is delayed until after the French Open Tournament

Photo: One-Punch Man. Courtesy VIZ Media
Photo: One-Punch Man. Courtesy VIZ Media /

Even though One-Punch Man is an internationally watched anime series, the officials over at VizMedia found it necessary to put the show on hiatus until after the 2019 French Open concludes. This may have to do with ratings but fans of the show are not pleased.

Both subscribers to Hulu and VizMedia found that there was no new episode of One-Punch Man uploaded this week. This came as a surprise after eight episodes aired consecutively in a row. Fans assumed this pattern would continue, especially with Hulu releasing a scheduled time for each episode. Though, pleasure quickly turned to disdain when fans learned that this week’s episode would be delayed until after the French Open.

What’s strange about this hiatus is that the two air on entirely different networks. The French Open is streaming on Fubo and ESPN while One-Punch Man is exclusively on Hulu. Being that they are, there should be no reason for them to conflict with each other. And while that’s the logical approach to this situation, fans are shocked Hulu would refrain from airing Season 2, Episode 9 “Troubles Of The Strongest” this week.

As we mentioned, the streaming service doesn’t provide subscribers with access to the French Open so OPM should be available to them. More than anything, Hulu should’ve been given access to the episode already considering One-Punch Man’s availability came as part of the streaming giant’s deal to simulcast new episodes.

For now, all we can do is hope that Hulu and VizMedia will listen to the fan outcry. They have people all around the world waiting to see the next episode — a highly anticipated one to be precise — and something needs to be done to remedy the situation.

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What that’ll entail is anyone’s guess but our hope is that Hulu’s executives will request access to the next episode before next Tuesday. The following episode is scheduled to air on June 11, 2019, of course, we have our doubts now that VizMedia will even air it.

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One-Punch Man airs Tuesdays on Hulu. All episodes are currently streaming. For more on OPM, follow us on the Hulu Watcher Twitter Account @HuluWatcherFS or on the Hulu Watcher Facebook Page.