Stranger Things 3 theory: New poster confirms Billy is in trouble

Stranger Things 3 - Credit: Netflix
Stranger Things 3 - Credit: Netflix /

The Stranger Things 3 poster has fans talking about Billy and the many theories about his role in the upcoming season. Stranger Things premieres on Netflix on July 4.

Stranger Things and Netflix just shared the new poster for Stranger Things 3, and there’s a lot of talk about one of the characters and their placement on the poster. And, it’s not good, according to Bustle.

Looking at the poster, one thing is not like the others. Billy, located in the bottom right corner, is shaded in much darker colors than the rest of the poster. Everything else is covered in the vibrant 80s flare, while he’s basically in a darker, bluer color.

What does that mean? Well, it could be a reference to the Upside Down, or it could just be foreshadowing a darker pather for Billy in the new season.

Bustle broke it down further. Billy is also the only character under the monster in the poster. There’s definitely a reason for that, and there are a number of different theories about what happens to Billy in relation to the monster. Some think he becomes the monster, while others think he is going to be killed by the monster or the Mind Flayer.

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Stranger Things 3 – Credit: Netflix
Stranger Things 3 – Credit: Netflix /

We’ve also seen that Billy looks to be the victim of a bite by something, possibly a rat. We’ve been worried about Billy for a while now, especially after seeing him dealing that nasty bite in the trailer. In the poster, there are dead rats all around Billy and the monster.

Looking at the poster, Billy’s placement and coloring seems to indicate something, but I’m not sure what it is yet. Stranger Things is not going to reveal the show’s secrets in the trailer and other promotional images, so there’s something more at play than meets the eye.

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Considering everything we’ve seen so far, Billy is definitely in big trouble. I think there’s a lot of evidence that suggests the bite does not turn Billy into the monster, though. I think it’s much more likely that Bruce is the monster. This poster does make me think Billy could become a pawn of the Mind Flayer like Will was in the second season.

Billy, as the outside of the group, would have much more freedom than Will did in the second season. He is a much better target for the Mind Flayer to latch on to and start terrorizing Hawkins. I’m guessing Billy is the one that could open the gate or help the Mind Flayer return to Hawkins.

That’s kind of a half-baked idea at this point. I just don’t think the show is really going to reveal so many secrets before the season premieres, and right now, everyone is expecting Billy to become the monster or something awful happening to him. While that might be true, I’m keeping my head on a swivel looking for the misdirection.

What do you think of Billy heading into Stranger Things 3? Share your thoughts in the comments section!

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