Netflix renews Lucifer for fifth and final season

Lucifer season 4 on Netflix. Image Courtesy Netflix
Lucifer season 4 on Netflix. Image Courtesy Netflix /

Yes, Lucifans, it has officially happened. Netflix has granted Lucifer a fifth season and we couldn’t be more ecstatic. Unfortunately, this is the final season of the series.

Netflix has spoken. Lucifer season 5 is officially happening and it’s the best news of the month — may be of the year. TV Line reported the Lucifer season 5 news. Netflix also shared the news on Twitter.

Did we really need to doubt that this would happen? Okay, with Netflix’s latest track record, possibly. This is a network that has been canceling some excellent shows for its bright and shiny new ones. The idea of a show getting to a fifth season is alien right now.

However, Lucifer isn’t technically on its fifth season on Netflix. This is the second season after the show was saved from cancellation in 2018, so there wasn’t really any reason to worry.

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Check out the tweet from Netflix below:

Lucifer season 5 is certainly welcome. The fourth season ended with some truths revealed, a promise of love stories somewhere down the line, and Luci saving his nephew. That fourth season, as a whole, was everything we needed and more — opting for a little extra flesh and language but nothing like most other Netflix shows out there.

We’re expecting our resident devil will return with another 10 episodes, but the TV Line report mentioned that the episode count was not in the release. Ten episodes is pretty normal for a Netflix show and worked perfectly for the previous season. We’re expecting the same with the new season.

Keeping the storyline more contained and losing the filler content certainly helps to keep it all more intense and exciting. Now we just have so many questions for the future.

The renewal has come just a month after the release of the fourth season. This has become almost the norm for Netflix Originals lately since a month gives the streaming service an idea of how successful the episodes have been. We can expect season 5 to air sometime between May and July 2020.

What are your questions for Lucifer season 5? Share in the comments below.

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