When is Black Mirror season 6 coming to Netflix?

Black Mirror Season 5 - Credit: GRAHAM BARTHOLOMEW/Netflix
Black Mirror Season 5 - Credit: GRAHAM BARTHOLOMEW/Netflix /

Black Mirror is one of the best shows on Netflix. When will fans be able to watch Black Mirror season 6 on the streaming service?

Black Mirror season 5 just premiered on Netflix on Wednesday, June 5. After binge-watching all three episodes of season 5, which are basically movies, fans are getting excited about the possibility of Black Mirror season 6 and its release date on Netflix.

At the time of publishing, Black Mirror has not been renewed for season 6 as far as we know. Netflix usually waits a month or two to announce renewals or cancellations, so we probably won’t hear about the renewal for a while.

That’s not stopping us for predicting the release date for Black Mirror season 6. This show is one of Netflix’s best, and I’m pretty sure this show has a standing renewal with Netflix. As long as Charlie Booker and Annabel Jones want to make new episodes, Netflix will be the platform to carry the series.

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If that’s the case and Black Mirror season 6 does happen, it will likely be released on Netflix in the summer or fall of 2020. Black Mirror is one of the most unusual shows around, and there are many challenges making the episodes. They require new sets, working around schedules, finding new cast for each episode and someone has to come up with all these stories. That takes a long time.

Typically, there’s about a one-year gap between seasons of Netflix shows, but with Black Mirror it’s always a little longer, especially if they are planning to film another interactive episode like they did with Bandersnatch.

That’s the best we can predict at this point. Based on interviews, it seems like Jones and Booker are interested in making another season of this show. Unless season 5 really flops, and it won’t, season 6 is all but happening at Netflix.

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Stay tuned for the renewal announcement and release date for season 6 on the streaming service. It should be announced soon.

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