Stranger Things 3 is coming to Netflix in one month

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What’s to come

The Mind Flayer 

The greatest threat facing the people of Hawkins and our heroes is obviously The Mind Flayer. Eleven closed the gate, but the Mind Flayer was not destroyed.

The Mind Flayer will be back, according to the Duffer Brothers, and it knows about Eleven. We know the Mind Flayer will use its powers to be prepared for the next attack, and that’s not a good sign for Hawkins. Eleven has been into the Upside Down, and I bet there’s some connection between the Mind Flayer and the Upside Down that allows it to communicate those who have been there. That’s what it looks like in the trailer, at least.

The Monster

The Mind Flayer might not be the only monster our heroes will have to face in the new season. It looks like one of the characters might become a monster. In the Stranger Things 3 trailer, we see Billy nurses a bad bite, and then we see someone or something turning into a monster much worse than the demogorgon as Jonathan watches.

What is this monster? We’ll find out in the new season!

Other bad guys 

From some earlier information and clues in the Stranger Things book, it looks like there are some hackers (possibly the Russians) involved in the new season. We also see a scene in the trailer that shows someone or something trying to reopen the gate. And, there’s an assassin that looks like they are hunting for Eleven during the Fourth of July fair and carnival.

It looks like there are some bad dudes in Hawkins!

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Growing Apart 

The monsters and bad guys are not the only challenges facing our favorite characters in the new season. According to the Duffer Brothers, it sounds like our younger characters are facing something everyone goes through: growing up without growing apart from your friends.

The Party has been tight for at least a full year now with six members, but as they get ready to go to high school, it looks like they are starting to enjoy different things, make new friends, and do different activities. Will that cause a rift in the party?

More Mom/Dad Steve 

It’s not all bad in Stranger Things 3, though. We know there’s a lot of Mom/Dad Steve on the way in the new season. Steve acting as the babysitter was a major success in the second season. According to Shawn Levy, there will be even more where that came from in the new season.

Dustin and Steve Hangouts

Dustin and Steve were forced into teaming up in Stranger Things 2, and they were another one of the big highlights of the season. It looks like, even after a year has passed, that these two are still hanging out. We’ve seen a few clips of Dustin and Steve in Stranger Things 3, along with some images.