10 best new Netflix originals coming in June 2019

Marvel's Jessica Jones - Credit: David Giesbrecht/Netflix
Marvel's Jessica Jones - Credit: David Giesbrecht/Netflix /
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Dark season 2
Dark Season 1 – Credit: Stefan Erhard/Netflix /

3. Dark season 2

Release Date: June 21, 2019

Next up is a Netflix original that took me by surprise when it was announced it would arrive in June. It felt like Netflix had forgotten all about this great show. Dark season 2 is set to premiere on June 21.

The first season of the German sci-fi thriller debuted way back in December 2017. The Netflix original is set in a small town in Germany where, after two children go missing, four families come under the spotlight. As the people of the town search for answers, the story moves into the supernatural and impossible.

Dark has a bit of everything. It’s a thriller, but also a mystery, and a drama, but also a sci-fi series. As you get further into the Netflix original your idea of what is going to happen becomes more and more derailed. It’s certainly a series that makes you think and keeps you guessing as it progresses.

Netflix has given us a small idea as to what will happen next, although it doesn’t really help us too much. What they have said, along with the release of the official trailer, is the “apocalypse is coming.”

Dark has also been renewed for season 3.