10 best new Netflix originals coming in June 2019

Marvel's Jessica Jones - Credit: David Giesbrecht/Netflix
Marvel's Jessica Jones - Credit: David Giesbrecht/Netflix /
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9. Malibu Rescue: The Series season 1

Release Date: June 3

This isn’t really something I am personally looking forward to. I had never heard of Malibu Rescue until it was announced that it would be arriving on Netflix on June 3.

Looking into the Netflix original more closely, it is still not my cup of tea, mainly, because it is a lighthearted kid series, but Netflix clearly has a lot of confidence in it. There is already a movie about this world and characters available to stream on Netflix. Malibu Rescue: The Movie was released on Netflix back in May, and now a TV series has been given the go ahead.

Malibu Rescue: The Series will focus on two groups of kids. One group are aspiring lifeguards, and the others are snobby local kids. The two groups go head-to-head with each other for a prize: the ultimate tower at Malibu beach.

Like I said, it is a lighthearted kid’s series. So, it won’t be for everyone, but for all the adults out there with kids who are reading this, this one might just be right for your tiny humans.

I’m not quite sure if you need to watch the movie that was released in May first before watching Malibu Rescue: The Series. If so, the movie is already available to stream. It was released last month on May 19, so you don’t have to wait until June 3 to check it out.