Always Be My Maybe: Love, food, and Keanu Reeves

Always Be My Maybe - Credit: Netflix
Always Be My Maybe - Credit: Netflix /

Netflix’s newest rom-com, Always Be My Maybe, strikes the perfect balance of comedy and romance. It is an instant classic and a must-watch.

Netflix’s newest rom-com, Always Be My Maybe has the perfect combination of romance and humor along with an amazing soundtrack. And if that doesn’t convince you to watch it, the cast certainly will. Written and starring, comedian/actors Ali Wong and Randall Park, the film also stars Keanu Reeves, Charlyne Yi, Daniel Dae Kim, Karan Soni, Michelle Buteau, and James Salto.

The movie starts in the past, showing Ali Wong’s character, Sasha, and Randall Park’s character, Marcus as young kids and teenagers. They’ve been friends forever and Marcus’ parents act as surrogate ones for Sasha as her’s aren’t around too much.

The arrangement seems to be working out just fine until Marcus’ mother dies and in their grief, Sasha and Marcus sleep together. But before they can start a relationship, the two get into a fight and don’t talk or see each other for another 16 years.

Cut to the present where Sasha is a celebrity chef engaged to her manager, Brandon. But things don’t seem to be working out that well. Brandon soon asks if they can see other people while he is in India for work.

She agrees and makes her way back to San Francisco for her new restaurant opening. Once she’s there, she comes across her old friend when she calls an air-conditioning repair service and low and behold, Marcus and his father turn up at her doorstep.

The film then goes on to show how the two repair their relationship, become friends again, and ultimately fall in love. But it’s not all lovey-dovey. They are awkward and geeky, and hilarious together.

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Quite possibly the funniest moment in the film is before the couple get together. Sasha is dating a new guy and she wants to have a double date with Marcus and his hippie-chic girlfriend, Jenny. But who is the guy? Keanu Reeves!

That’s right, Keanu is playing a caricature of himself and he’s completely hilarious. He’s dramatic, takes himself too seriously, is super zen but also violent, and pushes all of Marcus’s buttons. Needless to say, it doesn’t work out with him and Sasha (Marcus ends up punching him in the face).

Beyond that, Sasha and Marcus have tons of funny moments on their own. Whether they are alone together, at some swanky restaurant, or at one of Marcus’s gigs, the jokes never stop coming.

And the supporting cast is just as good. Michelle Buteau plays Sasha’s best friend, Veronica, and steals almost every scene she’s in with her one-liners.

But that doesn’t mean the romantic scenes are lacking at all. Sasha and Marcus bond over music, food, and their shared history. They are truly committed to one another, and while they do have fights and conflict, they ultimately find a balance that works for both of them. If you need a pick-me-up or are just looking for a great rom-com, Always Be My Maybe is a must-watch.

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