Canceling Lucifer would be a big mistake for Netflix

Lucifer - Credit: John P. Fleenor/Netflix
Lucifer - Credit: John P. Fleenor/Netflix /

If Netflix cancels Lucifer after season 4, it will be a big mistake. The streaming network should renew Lucifer for season 5.

It’s been three weeks since the release of Lucifer season 4on Netflix, and we still haven’t heard if Lucifer is coming back for season 5 yet.

At the time of publishing, we’re still assuming Lucifer season 5 will be in the works at Netflix soon. There are a few reasons for this, of course. It’s a great show, and the ending of season 4 sets up a fifth season nicely. The show also has a big fanbase.

Most importantly, though, it would be a major mistake if Netflix does cancel this show.

Netflix does not share ratings data very often, so we don’t know how the show is actually performing compared to other shows. There are third-party metrics indicating Lucifer is the most popular show on the streaming service right now and has been for three weeks since the new season’s release. TV Time’s Binge Report has named the show the most binge-watched Netflix show for the last three weeks, and that’ll probably continue for a while.

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I think that alone is proof this series needs to be renewed for another season. It’s clear fans want to see this series continue, and Netflix would be smart to cancel the series now.

There are four seasons of Lucifer on the streaming service, and more viewers are finding out about the show every day. That gives the show life into the future. The more seasons, the better. Eventually, Netflix might see ratings drop in the future. That’s what happens with almost all shows. But, right now, Netflix should ride that hype train for as long as possible.

The streaming wars, as they have been dubbed, are starting to heat up. Disney is launching Disney Plus later this year, and WarnerMedia’s streaming service is also on the way. Netflix needs shows like Lucifer with rabid fanbases to thrive in the current streaming landscape.

All you have to do is just venture to social media to see the Lucifans begging for season 5. I don’t know how many there are, but it sure feels like millions. Because Lucifer wasn’t on Netflix US before season 4, I’m guessing many Lucifer fans became Netflix subscribers when the show moved to the streaming network. I don’t know if it’s in the millions of new subscribers, but it has to be a fair number or the streaming network would have entertained the idea of bringing a new season of the show to the streaming service.

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With Disney Plus and WarnerMedia’s streaming service coming soon, Netflix needs brand loyalty more than ever. I don’t think Disney and WarnerMedia will steal a lot of Netflix subscribers; it’s more likely people will subscribe to both or just password share. Netflix, though, has lost a lot of credibility with fans lately for canceling popular shows. One Day at a Time, Daredevil, and Santa Clarita Diet were canceled recently.

Canceling a big show like this would have consequences for the streaming network.

To keep fans happy, Netflix needs to continue to give those fans what they want. Renewing Lucifer for season 5 is a great way to do that!

We’re still expecting Netflix to renew Lucifer for season 5. Stay tuned for information about the series.

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