10 things we’ll miss most about the Marvel-Netflix shows

Marvel's The Defenders - Credit: Sarah Shatz/Netflix
Marvel's The Defenders - Credit: Sarah Shatz/Netflix /
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Marvel's Jessica Jones season 3
Marvel’s Jessica Jones – Credit: David Giesbrecht/Netflix /

The Netflix-Marvel show era has come to an end. We shared 10 things we’ll miss about Daredevil, Jessica Jones and the rest of the Netflix-Marvel shows.

Marvel’s Jessica Jones season 3 has been announced to arrive on June 14. Fans now know when to expect the last ever run of the Marvel-Netflix shows.

Despite the shows being adored by fans and (mostly) critically acclaimed, corporate issues between the streaming service and the superhero studio resulted in all five Marvel shows on Netflix being canceled within the last year.

To refresh your memory, that’s Daredevil, Jessica Jones, Luke Cage, Iron Fist and The Punisher (The Defenders team-up mini-series also aired in 2016).

Once we’ve all binge-watched Jessica Jones season 3, we’re really going to miss this corner of the MCU. Here are 10 reasons to mourn the loss of what I’m now going to call the Defenders-verse.

10. The street-level superheroing

I like the Avengers and the Guardians of the Galaxy as much as the next Marvel lover, but what was so great about the Netflix shows was their focus on street-level superheroics.

Vigilantes risking their lives fighting against crime bosses for the sake of the people of New York can be just as thrilling as big cosmic battles so it’s a bummer that this element of the MCU will be lost following the end of the Defenders.


9. The crossovers

Sure, The Defenders mini-series wasn’t as great as it could have been, but, plot issues aside, it was still awesome to see the four heroes come together for the first (and sadly, only) time.

Besides that, the Marvel-Netflix shows have always enjoyed more of an easygoing kind of crossover too, with various supporting characters wandering into other series for an episode or two.

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No more seeing Rosario Dawson turning up everywhere to befriend another hero.

8. The action scenes

The action of the Defenders-verse is rightly commended as some of the best on TV.

In particular, Daredevil has wowed us for three seasons, specifically with its yearly corridor sequence that got more and more ambitious every run. The season 3 version – in which the Hornhead took out a whole prison wing by himself – was a thing of beauty.

No other superhero shows offer such intense, thrilling, powerful action sequences.

7. The themes

On the other hand, something that’s underrated about the Marvel-Netflix shows is how each of them has an awesome earworm of a theme tune.

Kudos to the composers for giving each of the six series a distinct musical flavor, from the tense heartbeat-like tempo of Daredevil to the rock-infused jazz of Jessica Jones‘s theme.

Seriously, if you skip any of these openings you are a monster.

6. The heroes

A superhero show is only as good as its superhero, and thankfully the Marvel-Netflix series had some of the best around.

Daredevil is one of Marvel’s all-time greatest heroes, Jessica Jones is the first superheroine to get her own vehicle in the MCU (beating Captain Marvel by four years), Luke Cage is arguably the African-American answer to Superman and Iron Fist has a glowing hand. What more do you want?

Knowing that we won’t see any of these guys – plus the Punisher! – protecting NYC again really hurts.