5 best moments from Outlander season 1 and 2

Outlander -- Courtesy of STARZ -- Acquired via the STARZ Media Room
Outlander -- Courtesy of STARZ -- Acquired via the STARZ Media Room /

The first two seasons of Outlander are filled with emotional moments but against all odds, Claire and Jamie survive. Here are 5 of their best moments.

The first two seasons of the great TV series Outlander were just added to Netflix. To recap the seasons, we listed the best moments from those first two seasons.

Outlander is filled with amazing moments. Claire and Jamie’s love story is one for the ages and each adventure they take produces both heartwarming and heartbreaking moments. But any fan of the show has their favorite.

Here are a few of the couple’s best moments from the first 2 seasons.

Claire going to the other side

There wouldn’t be a story if Claire hadn’t made her way to the ruins and touched them, transporting her back in time to 1743 Scotland. It’s the moment that leads to everything Jamie and Claire go through for the rest of their lives

The stones become an important part of their relationship through the seasons. It’s the place they leave each other and what Claire uses to get back to him time and again.

Jamie and Claire’s wedding

This might be the most romantic scene in television history despite it being a marriage of convenience. Claire is trying to get away from Black Jack Randall and marrying Jamie puts her under his protection and the protection of his clan.

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But against all the odds, they have a strong connection from their first meeting and that turns into an incredibly loving marriage. It also happens to be in the same episode as possibly one of the most real sex scenes to be shown on television. They are awkward and clumsy, but they make it work, and it has become one of the most memorable moments from the show.

Witch Trial

If you watched the show without reading the books (no shame!), the witch trial was most likely a surprise to you. Up until this point, the audience thought Claire was the only one who had traveled through time using the stones. But as she comes to learn, that is not the case.

When Gellis, another healer in the clan, and Claire on put on trial for witchcraft, they are found guilty. But trying to protect Claire, Gellis takes the fall and is whipped. When Gellis’s dress is ripped off, Claire recognizes a scar from a smallpox vaccine that Gellis shouldn’t have, and she realizes Gellis is a time traveler, too.

It’s a thrilling moment because it opens up so many possibilities for where the story could go.

Escaping the Prison

Even before Jamie is brutally raped by Black Jack Randall, Claire and Jamie’s family and friends are trying to figure out how to break him out of Wentworth. But getting past the gates and the prison guards is easier said than done. Luckily, Murtagh has a plan.

They get Randall’s attention from outside the prison and when he goes to investigate, he is trampled by a herd of cattle. Then, Murtagh and the rest of the Mackenzie-Fraser team carry Jamie out of the prison and to Claire.

It’s a moment of hope bracketed by two moments of hopelessness. This scene is followed by Jamie’s self-loathing and PTSD, but at least for one moment, Jamie is safe from anymore brutality.

Jamie and Black Jack duel

Unfortunately, the stampede of cattle was not enough to kill Black Jack. He reappears in season 2 when Jamie and Claire are visiting France. And while Jamie gets to watch him kneel and beg in front of the King, that is not enough. He challenges Randall to a duel.

But Claire, trying to keep history as is, makes him promise to wait one year before killing his greatest nemesis. Jamie agrees, but that soon changes.

Claire comes back to their apartment, only to be informed that Jamie and “an English officer” got into a fight. Claire knows what that means and runs to find them. What she discovers is exactly what she feared: Randall and Jamie are dueling and it is a fight for the ages.

Claire can only stand and watch as they battle one another, but her pregnancy has other plans.As soon as she bends over in pain, Jamie stabs Randall in the crotch, ends the duel, and runs to Claire.

Jamie got a bit of the revenge he was hoping for, but he still has to deal with the heart-wrenching news of the loss of Claire and his child.

What are your favorite moments from Outlander season 1 and 2? Let us know in the comments below!

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