What/If on Netflix: Every character’s shocking secret revealed

What/If on Netflix photo via Media Center
What/If on Netflix photo via Media Center /
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What/If on Netflix photo via Media Center
What/If on Netflix photo via Media Center /

Anne’s secret

As if things weren’t already on a soap level, events take a drastic turn in the penultimate episode with the revelation of Anne’s secret. Ready for it? She is Lisa’s biological mother. Say what?! Okay, maybe a few of us saw this coming or at least had a good feeling, having seen it all, this was the case.

In the episode, properly titled “WTF,” audiences learn that when Anne was a teenager, she confided on a handyman who worked at her apartment. He was the only adult who didn’t mistreat her at the time, or so she thought.

One night, distraught about her prom date cheating on her, Anne goes to see this handyman (portrayed by Josh Kelly) and he takes advantage of her. Anne ends up pregnant. Ready for an abortion, someone at the clinic asks her to reconsider, giving Anne information about a family who would gladly adopt the baby for a generous price.

Anne takes the money and keeps a close eye on her child, Lisa. This is why Anne knew about Sean’s secret and didn’t want him to be with her daughter. During her “night alone” with him, Anne reveals this to Sean, demanding that he leave Lisa or watch as she ruins the marriage.

All this time, Lisa believe her adoptive parents were her biological parents. We’re not sure why Anne decided to enter Lisa’s life at that exact time and not earlier. Or why she had to make Lisa’s life so painful in order to teach her daughter to be an intelligent business woman and not to trust men (or anyone, for that matter).

What/If is streaming on Netflix. Which secret did you enjoy following the most? Fingers crossed we get another secret and drama-packed season!

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