What/If on Netflix: Every character’s shocking secret revealed

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What/If on Netflix photo via Media Center /
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What/If on Netflix photo via Media Center /

There is an absurd reveal and shocking turn hiding behind every corner of What/If on Netflix. Let’s recap each big secret that was uncovered in the series!

Spoiler alert! Obviously, since we will be going over all major secrets here from four main characters that What/If has in store, there are significant spoilers to come. Only proceed once you’ve watched all 10 episodes of the series.

What/If is being called trash TV gold for a reason. The drama series is deliberately over the top and is simply a fancy soap opera that frankly doesn’t deserve Zellweger or Levy’s talents. You do have to wonder why Zellweger would take on such a role, but the answer is pretty simple.

Speaking with The Hollywood Reporter, the actress shared what drew her to love the character of Anne Montgomery, “her sense of entitlement is extraordinary. Her ambition and that everything is a tool including her sexuality, which she leads with unapologetically…” We don’t argue with her here! The most captivating character in the series is the devious Montgomery.

Say what you want about the series, though, What/If is addicting and highly entertaining. Should you prioritize watching it if you haven’t already? I wouldn’t say that, but I wouldn’t skip it, either.

What/If follows Lisa and Sean Donovan (portrayed by Jane Levy and Blake Jenner, respectively) as their lives are turned upside down after they do a business deal with Anne Montgomery (Zellweger). This contract, signed by all parties, isn’t like any other you’ve heard of.

On the brink of bankruptcy, Lisa needs to find an investor for her company, Emigen, a medical research company. Anne sweeps in to save the day, but she has a peculiar condition. In exchange for an $80 million investment, Anne asks to have a night alone with Lisa’s husband, Sean.

Sex isn’t anywhere near Anne’s mind, though. What she has planned is something more vile. Her goal is to separate Lisa and Sean, but why? That’s the biggest mystery and the most baffling secret. While most reveals happen throughout the series, Anne’s isn’t known until the penultimate episode.

Final spoiler warning for those who have yet to watch all 10 episodes of What/If.