10 questions we have for Lucifer season 5

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9. Who will Chloe tell first about Lucifer’s decision?

Lucifer going to Hell opens a huge can of worms. How is Chloe going to explain what’s happened? She has to tell a few people the truth, but who will those people be. Well, okay, we know who they’ll be but in what order?

This could depend on who walks into the penthouse apartment first. Amenadiel and Maze are the two most likely suspects. Will one of them walk in while Chloe is still crying? This would certainly make it easy to spread the word around that the Devil is no longer in the building.

Will we even get to see Chloe tell them the truth? In previous seasons, we’ve picked up a few months later or so. This last season picked up a couple of months after Charlotte’s death, seeing how Dan was dealing with her loss. By this point, everyone knew she was dead so there was no need to discuss the situation or see the initial feelings of loss.

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Is this how the show will deliver Lucifer’s departure from Earth? Will everyone already know that Lucifer is gone? Or will just Amenadiel, Maze, and Linda know the truth? Will we then get to see Chloe try to explain to Dan and Ella where Lucifer is right now, since they can’t know the full truth that he’s become the King of Hell again.

And what’s going to happen to Lux? Will Chloe, Maze, and Amenadiel help to keep it running? It’s not like any of them really care about the club but they do deeply care about Lucifer.