10 questions we have for Lucifer season 5

Lucifer - Credit: John P. Fleenor/Netflix
Lucifer - Credit: John P. Fleenor/Netflix /
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Let’s assume Lucifer will be renewed for season 5. After that shocking twist at the end of season 4, these are the big questions we now have for Lucifer season 5.

Caution: If you’re not caught up yet, there are spoilers in this for the Lucifer season 4 finale.

We’re still waiting on word about Lucifer season 5, but we’re pretty sure it’s being renewed. According to statistics from TV Time, the number of people who watched season 4 on Netflix was up 200% compared to those who watched on FOX. Obviously, the international viewers will have a part to play in that but it shows that Netflix did the right thing in saving the show.

With saving the show, we’ve ended up with a new season, lots of development, and some exciting additions. Graham McTavish was excellent as Father Kinley, we had the chance to see Chloe deal with the devil face, and Lucifer went through a major change in look.

In the end, it was all about Hell. Lucifer realized that he had no choice but to return to Hell’s Throne – and what a magnificent throne it was. It actually reminds me a little of what Game of Thrones’ Iron Throne should have looked like but made with stone instead of 1,000 swords.

Now that we’ve had the finale, we have lots of questions for the future. Assuming Lucifer season 5 is definitely going to happen – c’mon, Netflix! – here are the top 10 questions we have for the future.