5 good Netflix movie recommendations for Memorial Day weekend

The Perfection - Credit: Netflix
The Perfection - Credit: Netflix /

A list of 5 good Netflix movie recommendations to watch over Memorial Day weekend, including the new original films The Perfection and The Rim of the World.

Wondering what to watch this weekend? No need to bother paying for a rental or heading to the theater when Netflix has plenty of great movies that you can watch right from the comfort of your own couch. Check out this list of Netflix movie recommendations for Memorial Day Weekend.

Let’s jump in with an intriguing new Netflix original film:

The Perfection

Allison Williams stars in this freaky new flick about a troubled music prodigy. This new story looks a tad more graphic than Williams’ previous scary movie success, Get Out. Check out the chill-inducing trailer below.


Seriously can’t recommend this movie enough. Moonlight is a coming-of-age drama about a gay man growing up in the inner city. It’s incredibly moving and actually made history as both the first LGBTQ-related film and the first film with an all-black cast to take home the Oscar for Best Picture (2017).

Rim of the World

If you just can’t quite make it to the premiere of Stranger Things this summer, Rim of the World might help to fill the gaping hole in your life. The young adult stars and sci-fi adventure storyline are giving off some very familiar vibes. Check out the trailer below.


To throw back to the new releases from the beginning of the month, we give you Snowpiercer. This post-apocalyptic flick features Chris Evans as one of the last remaining members of humanity who have found shelter aboard a globe-spanning train. It’s chock full of sci-fi action that’s sure to entertain.

To Rome With Love

If you’re into Woody Allen’s offbeat brand of romantic comedy, To Rome With Love might just be the movie for you. A laundry list of A-list actors star in this series of vignettes about life and love in Rome, Italy.

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