The Perfection review: 10 most shocking moments

The Perfection on Netflix via Media Center
The Perfection on Netflix via Media Center /
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The Perfection on Netflix via Media Center
The Perfection on Netflix via Media Center /

6. Charlotte is the hero

Charlotte wakes up and finds herself on the couch with Anton. He reassures Charlotte that Lizzie isn’t in the room, but he has some questions. The main one is if Charlotte was truly so jealous of Lizzie that she had to ruin Lizzie’s life so badly.

Our biggest question, though, is why isn’t anyone calling the police? Charlotte may not have cut Lizzie’s hand off herself or forced Lizzie to take the pills, but she did orchestrate the whole thing, which has to be punishable in some way. Right? Well, viewers quickly learn what’s really going on.

Charlotte tells Anton she wanted to save Lizzie, to which Anton asks “save her from what?” Charlotte replies, “from you,” and Anton gives a nervous chuckle before the movie takes a sinister turn.

5. Anton’s secret

Well! I don’t think anyone can say they saw this coming. Charlotte had the best intentions this entire time. The bad guy in this story was always Anton.

In a flashback, we learn Anton and the other two teachers there (Theis and Geoffrey) have been raping their young students all these years. Anton even hints that this has been happening since his father and grandfather opened the institution.

As punishment for playing a wrong note or making any error, Anton rapes the young girls, along with Theis and Geoffrey. It’s truly sick. And as horrifying as it all is, it finally makes sense. Lizzie was too far gone, fully brainwashed by Anton’s sex cult to leave the school. This left Charlotte with no choice but to make Lizzie go temporarily insane so she’d cut her arm off. Extreme, sure, but how much more crazy can this movie get? You’ll regret asking that question.