The Perfection review: 10 most shocking moments

The Perfection on Netflix via Media Center
The Perfection on Netflix via Media Center /
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The Perfection on Netflix via Media Center /

The Perfection on Netflix is nothing short of shocking, let’s review the 10 most bizarre moments!

Spoiler alert! Please note huge spoilers are ahead if you have not seen the new Netflix original movie The Perfection on Netflix. Go watch it before reading our spoiler-packed review and recap of the moments that had us gasping in horror and surprise.

The Perfection stars Allison Williams as Charlotte and Logan Browning as Elizabeth, two brilliant musicians who have a rare talent when it comes to playing the cello. Just when Charlotte was on the first step to a promising career, and only a young girl, her mother falls ill. The sad event forces Charlotte to drop out of the live-in school to help care for her mother.

Just as Charlotte leaves the institution, we get a quick glimpse of another pupil entering the reputable music school, Elizabeth, or “Lizzie” as she’s later called.

Nearly a decade goes by and, predictably, Lizzie is now a famous cellist touring the world and helping Anton, her mentor and president of the school, scout new talent. This is the path Charlotte’s life would have taken, had her mother not been sick.

Audiences instantly get Black Swan vibes from the way Charlotte behaves around Lizzie. She’s got a menacing look about her. However, just when we believe we have the movie all figured out, The Perfection sends viewers down a spiral of events that are absolutely bonkers — but in the best way.

Much like a musician would play the cello, viewers are swung back and forth, quickly moving through the twists and turns the movie throws our way. I found myself pausing the movie during various scenes to collect myself.

Some scenes are brilliantly orchestrated, albeit shocking, while others are simply gross (one scene is even unnecessary), but it all stitches together perfectly to form The Perfection.

What are the top 10 shocking moments? Let’s review them all in order in the following slides. Final spoiler warning for those who have yet to watch The Perfection on Netflix.