Is Luke Cage coming to Marvel’s Cloak And Dagger?

Marvel's Luke Cage - Credit: Netflix
Marvel's Luke Cage - Credit: Netflix /

Even though Netflix’s Luke Cage was canceled, it looks like the series’ titular hero isn’t done quite yet. Could he be making the move to Freeform’s Cloak And Dagger?

As most of us are already aware, Netflix’s version of Luke Cage is no more. The streamer canceled Luke Cage and the rest of their Marvel shows late last year, ending the Defenders’ collective run. Various campaigns have cropped up in hopes of Disney/Marvel renewing the series but that may not be necessary if our theory proves correct.

Warning! Potential spoilers for upcoming episodes of Marvel’s Cloak And Dagger follow. Read on at your own discretion.

In Season 2, Episode 9 of Marvel’s Cloak And Dagger, Tyrone meets with Solomon again. For those who don’t remember, Solomon is the kid who helped Tyrone and Adina escape when the gangs were hunting them down. Solomon hasn’t made any appearances since then, but in “Blue Note”,  he has a short conversation with Tyrone wherein Luke Cage comes up.

When they meet, Tyrone points out that Solomon is looking over a newspaper that features Luke Cage on the front. Luke isn’t in New Orleans — the newspaper is merely covering the bullet-proof hero’s latest adventures — a report written by none other than Karen Page. The audience doesn’t get to see what adventures those are but perhaps he’s on his way to New Orleans.

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Without restating the obvious, Netflix’s version of Luke Cage can’t appear on Cloak And Dagger for the time being. Unless Freeform has struck a deal with Netflix for rights to the character, Power Man won’t be joining Tandy and Tyrone. Of course, the Season Two Finale would be a perfect opportunity to drop a bombshell like this on fans.

It may seem like a dream that’s too good to be true but maybe Disney and Freeform worked out a deal that would allow them to revive the Netflix heroes. Said deal would explain why a reference to Luke Cage was made in the sophomore season of Cloak And Dagger. Then again, the season shot before Netflix announced that they’d be canceling Luke Cage so this reference could be of little significance.

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There is another possible explanation for Cloak And Dagger’s inclusion of Luke Cage in their latest episode — Freeform knows that Marvel/Disney is eyeing a buyout of the Netflix properties. There’s a clause in place which prevents Marvel from using the Netflix heroes for at least two years, though another deal could be struck before then.

Whatever the case may be with this reference to Luke Cage, it’s bound to lead somewhere. Fans shouldn’t expect to see Luke (Mike Colter) in the last two episodes of Season Two but next season sounds feasible. A third season hasn’t been greenlit yet but Marvel’s Cloak And Dagger seems like the right place to reunite all the scattered Marvel heroes, presumably in a junior season.

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