Stranger Things 3 partners with Coca-Cola to bring back New Coke: New teaser

Stranger Things 3 - Credit: Netflix
Stranger Things 3 - Credit: Netflix /

Stranger Things and Coca-Cola partnered to revive New Coke and shared a new teaser trailer for Stranger Things 3! The new season premieres on July 4, 2019.

Stranger Things and Coca-Cola have partnered to bring back “New Coke,” and the companies announced this partnership in a new Stranger Things 3 teaser trailer that doubles as a Coke commercial.

For those who don’t recall, New Coke was released and then recalled in 1985, according to a report from Deadline. As Stranger Things 3 is set in the summer of 1985, it makes perfect sense for this new partnership, which will bring New Coke to a variety of sales outlets over the next few months, according to the report. We don’t know where exactly, but Coca-Cola will let us know soon.

Most importantly, the Coca-Cola ad doubles as a teaser trailer for Stranger Things 3, and it even shows a glimpse of what’s to come in the new season. I’m not so much interested in the shots of the old Coke cans, but I’m very interested in the short clips featuring our favorite characters from Hawkins.

In the spot, we see Max and Lucas hanging out a vending machine, likely, at the Starcourt Mall. We also see Eleven and Mike share a kiss. I think we’ve seen that short clip before from the first Stranger Things 3 trailer. Seconds later, we see Steve on a date at the movie theater at the Starcourt Mall, and he’s interrupted by Dustin, as they both hold giant Coke cups.

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Everything seems relatively normal for a Stranger Things teaser, and that’s when the lights go out. All the power at the Starcourt Mall goes out. The crowd boos, and that’s when the commercial ends with the Coca-Cola logo getting flipped Upside Down.

Not bad, eh? Check out the commercial below!

As mentioned, there’s not a lot of new information to break down in this 30-second spot, but there’s something interesting. Clearly, there is something going on at the Starcourt Mall, and we have to believe it’s related to that giant explosion from the trailer. It looks like there is some device that explodes sending electricity through the air.

Could this be the time it happens? It’s definitely possible.

It also looks like the device could be the laser beam that looked to be trying to reopen the gate to the Upside Down. That’s really not good for the people of Hawkins if that happens to be the case. We’ll find out soon!

The Stranger Things 3 fullcourt press is officially on after Game of Thrones. It’s been two days since Game of Thrones ended and we’ve seen more promotional images, character posters, teasers, clips, and trailers about Stranger Things 3 than we had in the last few months. That’s a good sign moving toward the Stranger Things 3 release date on July 4!

Stay tuned for more news about the new season!

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