5 questions we have for The Society season 2

The Society -- Seacia Pavao/Netflix -- Acquired via Netflix Media Center
The Society -- Seacia Pavao/Netflix -- Acquired via Netflix Media Center /
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The Society
THE SOCIETY — Seacia Pavao/Netflix — Acquired via Netflix Media Center /

3. What will happen to Allie and Will now?

What a coup! We all saw it coming, right? It was clear that the small group of people unhappy with losing their own cars and homes was going to gang together to take over. What they were failing to see was that Allie had found a way for people to actually live together and survive.

Lexie doesn’t seem to want to change anything, suggesting that she was just unhappy with the leadership and not what was actually going on. Now she’s had Allie and Will publically arrested and shamed, but will she go about sentencing them and deciding on their fates?

Allie made the difficult decision in having Dewey executed for murdering Cassandra. Will this be something Lexie and Harry decide is right for Allie and Will? They’ve not killed anyone but does that even matter when they’re willing to stage a coup and lie about rigged voting?

Hopefully, enough people know the truth to be able to react quickly. Could we find that Gordie and his friends work together to get Allie and Will freed? They’ll need to do it “legally.” Just breaking them out isn’t going to work.

I do wonder if Allie and Will end up being banished from the society, left to fend for themselves in the wilderness. This is what would have happened to a small colony, so it makes sense that the group would decide is the fate for two “traitors.” This would give the two a chance to survive with enough people in the society on their side.