5 good Netflix show recommendations this weekend: The Rain and more

The Rain Season 2 - Credit: Per Arnesen/Netflix
The Rain Season 2 - Credit: Per Arnesen/Netflix /

Looking for something good to binge-watch this weekend on Netflix. Here are 5 good Netflix show recommendations for you this weekend.

I’m back! Back to bring you another round of Netflix show recommendation for this weekend. This weekend is a bit different from the norm however as the streaming giant has not released as much.

Only two new Netflix Originals have dropped this weekend. Considering we are halfway through the month thought this isn’t a huge surprise. Most of the new titles are dropped at the very start or the end of the month.

So, what I’ve done is thrown in Netflix originals that were released earlier this month, but at the time were relatively unknown. We will start off with the new titles that have been released this weekend.

1. The Rain Season 2

The second season of the Danish Netflix Original has finally arrived. Dropping on the platform on Friday, May 17, you are all good to go in binge-watching this drama, doomsday, psychological thriller.

Continuing on from the previous season where a virus, carried by the rain, wiped out the majority of the population in Scandinavia. Set six years after the tragic event, the Netflix Original follows two siblings who navigate this post-apocalyptic world where there are new hidden monsters and dangers lurking in the shadows of this new world.

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2. It’s Bruno Season 1

No! It’s Bruno has nothing to do with Sasha Baron Cohen 2009 Bruno. The Netflix Original dropped on the streaming platform on Friday, May 17, as well, and it is a comedy series about a man and his beloved dog.

Officially a short form series, it is set in Buswick, Brooklyn, and follows both a man and his dog going about their day to day business. It doesn’t sound like the most exciting comedy series in the world, but if you check out the trailer below, you will be pleasantly surprised.

OK. So like I said earlier, Netflix has only dropped two new Netflix Originals this weekend so the rest of this list will be a look back on shows that I wasn’t too sure about at first, but, not that I’ve had a chance to look at them, are definitely worth a watch.

3. Dead to Me Season 1

Dead to Me Season 1 dropped at the very start of the month. It was bound to be good just based on the fact that Linda Cardellini and Christina Applegate are the main stars in the Netflix original. The dark comedy has blown expectations out of the water however and if you haven’t watched it by now you really need to ASAP.

4. Undercover Season 1

Another Netflix Original that dropped at the start of the month. Undercover fell below the radar prior to its release; most likely because it is Belgian series.

The suspenseful crime thriller about undercover agents who pose as a couple at a campground to infiltrate a drug kingpin deserves way more praise than it has got and if you do have time this weekend to stream the series. Please do.

5. The Society Season 1

Lastly is The Society. The Netflix Original about a group of teenagers from a wealthy town who vanish, only to reappear in an identical town where the only occupants are themselves, completely blew expectations out of the water.

Instead of being predictable, where they would focus on what happened and how to get back. It’s a perfect blend of how to survive, form a society, the trials and difficulties that come with, such as murder, a coup, etc.

A suspenseful and dark drama that is not your typical teenage drama. You will not be disappointed watching The Society.

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