Stranger Things star Millie Bobby Brown could be joining Marvel’s Eternals: Rumor

STRANGER THINGS - Credit: Netflix
STRANGER THINGS - Credit: Netflix /

Stranger Things star Millie Bobby Brown is rumored to be joining the cast of Marvel’s Eternals. The rumors have not been confirmed by Marvel.

There’s a rumor going around the web that Stranger Things star Millie Bobby Brown might be joining the cast of Marvel’s Eternals, according to a report from We Got This Covered.

The rumors suggest Brown would play the role of Piper. Those familiar with the Marvel character and Eternals stories know there is no “Piper.” According to a report from CBR, Marvel is looking to cast a teenager in this role. They’re also reporting that the new Piper character is actually based on Sprite, an “ancient trickster,” according to CBR.

Brown starring in Eternals could be a game-changer for Marvel. Brown is one of the most recognizable stars right now after her amazing performance in the first two seasons of Stranger Things. There are millions of Stranger Things fans who’d probably tune in for Eternals just because Brown would be in the film. Brown is also starring in the upcoming Godzilla movie, Godzilla: King of Monsters. 

The one thing I question about this rumor is about Brown’s availability. It’s a big deal committing to a major Marvel project like this one, especially considering this might be the next step of the MCU. There are probably multiple projects involved with this character, although we don’t know yet.

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According to the report, Brown is also confirmed for the next two Godzilla movies, in addition to the next season of Stranger Things, and possibly another season of the Netflix series. I don’t know if she’d be able to swing all three of those projects, which are sure to start in the near future. Maybe there’s a way that it could happen, but that’s a pretty full schedule.

Nothing is certain in this industry until it’s public, and even then, things can change. Remember all those rumors that Brown was also going to star in Riverdale season 3 as Jellybean Jones? We have to take these with a couple of grains of salt.

With her talent and popularity, Brown would make a very marketable star for Marvel, and I guarantee they are interested in bringing Brown into the MCU at some point if it’s for the right character. And, this seems like a great place for her to start.

We’ll let you know more about this rumor when we find out. Stranger Things 3 premieres on July 4, 2019.

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