5 books that need to be adapted into Netflix shows

Cover to The Belles: The Everlasting Rose by Dhonielle Clayton. Image: Freeform Books
Cover to The Belles: The Everlasting Rose by Dhonielle Clayton. Image: Freeform Books /
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Sadie by Courtney Summers

If there is any book that needs to be made into a TV series (or a film), it’s Sadie. The book is already split into different narratives: Sadie, the girl looking for the man who killed her sister, and West McCray, the podcaster documenting her life and journey with the help of the people she left behind.

With the popularity of true crime documentaries, Mindhunter, and podcasts like My Favorite Murder and Serial, Sadie would be an instant hit. The book is an extraordinary tale of what a sister is willing to do for justice and it leaves the reader with the two questions: does Sadie get her revenge and does she make it out alive?

It’s up to the reader to decide and would be up to the viewer if it were made into a series. It’s haunting and empowering and Netflix should get on it pronto!

While there are plenty of crime shows and crime documentaries on Netflix, none of them really focus on a teenager and her quest for justice. None of them have a feminist perspective. Sadie does. It would reach people who either haven’t read the book or don’t have access to it, but who’d be affected by the story.

Courtney Summers wrote an exceptionally well-written novel about family, justice, revenge, and how we use crime as entertainment. It is begging to be turned into a series. If you haven’t read Sadie, it’s definitely worth picking up. It may change your perspective on true crime.

We’ll keep our fingers crossed it gets made into a series for Netflix!