Stranger Things 3: Who was missing from the trailer?

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Stranger Things - Credit: Netflix /

Which characters were missing from the Stranger Things 3 trailer? We shared five characters missing from the trailer who might have an impact on Stranger Things 3.

It’s been two months since we saw the first full trailer for Stranger Things 3, the most action-packed trailer from the Netflix original series that we’ve seen so far. There was so much to break down in the new trailer.

Almost as important as what happened in the trailer is what didn’t happen and who wasn’t in the trailer.

Obviously, all the major characters were in the trailer. We saw Will, Eleven, Mike, Dustin and Max. Jonathan and Nancy were in the first few clips. We also saw Hopper, Steve, Joyce and Billy, along with relatively minor characters, including Mike’s mom, Suzie, Murray Bauman, Erica Sinclair, aka Lucas’s little sister, and a few more.

We were also introduced to several new characters: Heather (Francesca), the lifeguard, Robin (Maya Hawke), Steve’s co-worker at Scoops Ahoy, Bruce (Jake Busey), the new reporter in Hawkins, and Mayor Kline (Cary Elwes), the new mayor.

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So, who wasn’t in the trailer that might play a significant role in Stranger Things 3?


While many felt the Kali storyline took something away from Stranger Things 2, I was not one of them. It might not have been used in the most effective way with a whole episode devoted to the Kali-Eleven relationship, but I do think Eleven needed perspective. And, Kali and her group of vigilantes gave Eleven that.

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If you think Stranger Things is done with Kali after Stranger Things 2, think again! While her IMDB page doesn’t reflect it, Linnea Berthelsen, who plays Kali, should be in the new season. I think there’s a good chance we could see her if things get really bad and Eleven needs help or something happens to her.

Kali is also known as Eight, and we don’t know how many people with powers are out there. We have to imagine that a few of them have been killed or died doing work for Dr. Brenner. There’s a good chance that a few more are still alive around Hawkins.

Is Stranger Things moving toward a superhero group saving the day in later seasons? It seems possible!

Dr. Brenner

Speaking of Dr. Brenner, the last time we saw him alive in the series was at the end of the first season. We thought that Brenner had been eaten by the demogorgon, but after, it was revealed that Dr. Brenner was still alive.

Dr. Brenner knows about Eleven’s story, and we have to imagine that he is the one that can put together some pieces for Hopper and Eleven. She’ll have to start growing curious about her past at some point. It may hold the answer for the future.

Additionally, Brenner knows how powerful Eleven is. I can’t imagine he’d just leave her out there without trying to use her as he did in the first season.

Terry Ives

Speaking of Eleven’s past, I can’t imagine Eleven will be happy with her mother’s current state. Is there a way for her to change the past and help her mother or connect with her on another plane? There’s definitely a possibility of that happening in the future. Eleven’s past seems like a very important part of the show’s future.

Dr. Sam Owens

Played by Paul Reiser, Dr. Owens was a major part of Stranger Things 2. He was one of the good guys at the Hawkins National Lab, and he’s done some great things to help the people of Hawkins, including Hopper and Eleven.

We know Dr. Owens leaves Hawkins in the second season, so there’s a chance he might not be around in Stranger Things 3, but there’s a good chance we see him again. He remains one of the people who is in the loop on what exactly happened in Hawkins and how it was resolved. With his expertise, Dr. Owens could be very useful to the Hawkins Heroes next season.

Mr. Clarke

Mr. Clarke, the teacher at Hawkins Middle School, played by Randy Havens, has been an invaluable resource for our young heroes in Hawkins, although he might not know it yet. He was not in the Stranger Things 3 trailer, sadly, and that’s probably because the new season takes place over the summer.

If things really hit the fan in Hawkins during Stranger Things 3, and I’m expecting they will, Mr. Clarke could be the key, or a key, in helping our young heroes if the answer comes down to science!

Did we miss any major characters who weren’t in the Stranger Things 3 trailer? Let us know in the comments below!

Stranger Things 3 is coming to Netflix on July 4, 2019!

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