20 best Netflix romantic comedy movies: To All The Boys and more

To All The Boys I've Loved Before | Photo courtesy of Netflix
To All The Boys I've Loved Before | Photo courtesy of Netflix /
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Christmas movies on Netflix, A Christmas Prince 3
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5. A Christmas Prince

One of Netflix’s biggest rom-com hits has been A Christmas Prince. Netflix even noted that in December 2017, there were at least 53 people watching it every day! The film follows Amber, an aspiring journalist, as she gets her first big job and travels to Aldovia to cover the prince’s coronation after his father’s recent death.

A Christmas Prince stars Rose McIver (iZombie), Ben Lamb, Alice Krige, Honor Kneafsey, Sarah Douglas, Emma Louise Saunders, Theo Devaney, Daniel Fathers, Tahirah Sharif, Amy Marston, and Joel McVeagh.

Once in Aldovia, Amber pretends to be the tutor for Princess Emily so she can get closer to the story. While Emily is none too happy to have another tutor, Amber’s resilience soon makes them fast friends.

She also meets Prince Richard and is surprised to find out he is the man who stole her cab at the airport. But despite that underwhelming first impression, she soon finds she is attracted to him and the feeling seems to be mutual. As she gets to know him, it becomes clear that the playboy image he has in the press is anything but true.

The more time Amber spends in the palace, the more she learns about royal life and the fight to become King. Richard’s cousin Simon will do whatever it takes to sit on the throne and he has the help of Richard’s ex-girlfriend, Sophia.

This movie was so successful that Netflix made a sequel that premiered last Christmas, and there’s another sequel, A Christmas Prince 3, in the works right now!