5 good Netflix show recommendations this weekend: The Society and more

THE SOCIETY -- Courtesy of Netflix -- Acquired via Netflix Media Center
THE SOCIETY -- Courtesy of Netflix -- Acquired via Netflix Media Center /

The weekend is here and it’s time to binge watch something on Netflix. Here are 5 good Netflix show recommendations this weekend, including The Society and Easy.

Hello everyone! The weekend is here and I have another round of good Netflix shows for you to watch during the weekend. From a comedy to an animated series, I’ve got something for everyone; no matter how tall or how old you are.

Just like the previous weekends gone by, all of the TV shows listed below are available to stream right now. All but one dropped on the streaming platform on Friday, May 10, the other, dropped several days before.

The Society season 1

We’re going to take a look at The Society first of all. A brand new Netflix Original series that is going to have you hooked from the get-go. The mystery drama focuses on a group of teenagers who end up trapped in an alternate world, or dimension, or something anyway, that resembles their wealthy town.

Only this town they have become trapped in is void of their parents. This leads them into a struggle for survival, once the novelty of no rules wore off.

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Harvey Street Kids season 2

Jumping over to an animated series now and Harvey Street Kids is definitely something worth watching this weekend. It focuses on The Harvey Girls, Audrey, Lotta and Dot, who are self-appointed guardians of Harvey Street.

With a mission to ensure Harvey Street stays the best ever block to never grow up; the BFF’s will do everything they can to fulfill that mission.

Easy season 3

Next up is Easy season 3, an anthology comedy series focusing on a group of diverse Chicago characters. We’ve had a married couple looking to get the magic back in the bedroom, middle-aged dating, and more.

The cast of the anthology has always been impressive. Star have involved Orlando Bloom, Dave Franco and Emily Ratajkowski. So what does the anthology series have in store of us this time? Well, you will need to watch it this weekend to find out,

Lucifer season 4

So you might have already watched Lucifer since it dropped on Netflix mid-week, but if you haven’t you really need to get on it this weekend. The series is back better than ever since its sudden and shocking cancellation from FOX and I’m so happy Netflix saved the day,

With 10 episodes in total, it’s an easy binge that will have you laughing out loud on more than one occasion as Lucifer Morningstar and the rest of the cast gets up to their usual antics.

The Netflix Original has kicked off with a bang, so much so that season 5 looks like a certainty.

The Rain season 1

Last up is The Rain season 1 and the reason I am recommending this one is because The Rain season 2 will drop on Netflix next weekend. So basically I am giving you homework for next week. A Scandinavian series that premiered in May last year, it did not nearly get the recognition and praise that it deserved.

Focused on two siblings and a band of young survivors who survived a brutal virus that was unleaded, wiping out the vast majority of the population, six years ago. Our main characters seek not only safety, but answers to what happened as well.

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