9 characters most likely to die in Stranger Things 3

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Stranger Things 3
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2. Billy

Billy, Billy, Billy…

Based on what we know about this season, things are not looking good for Billy. In the trailer, it looks like Billy has been bitten by something, and the bite is spreading.

Was it a rat? Was it another creature? We should find out when the third season premieres, but none of it looks good.

If Billy has been infected, there’s not a good chance for his survival, especially if it’s from the Upside Down. The Mind Flayer is smarter this time around, and I’m not sure if that bodes any better for Billy.

We also know the bite will be a major focus of the season, and that’s more bad news. “The Bite” is the title of the penultimate episode of the season. Surely, there is more to it than the Duffer Brothers and Netflix have let on so far. It will be interesting if this Billy getting bitten theory is actually a misdirection. That’s the one thing that might save Billy; that it’d be too obvious to kill him.

There’s also the curse of the “B”-named characters in Stranger Things. In two seasons, we’ve seen Barb and Bob killed by creatures from the Upside Down. Barb was taken by the demogorgon while waiting for Nancy at Steve’s house. Bob, on the other hand, was eaten alive by the demodogs after saving the group at the Hawkins National Lab.

Billy’s name starts with a B, and that’s not a great sign for him making it through the third season. That bite from the trailer isn’t making feel any better about his odds either.