9 characters most likely to die in Stranger Things 3

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Stranger Things 3
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7/6. Dustin and Hopper

There are two members of the Hawkins Heroes group that are in more danger than the rest: Dustin and Hopper. My theory goes all the way back to Stranger Things 2.

If you recall, Hopper and Dustin, at different times, were sprayed in the face by something when they were in the tunnels from the Upside Down that led under the farm fields. Hopper almost died down there, as did Dustin, except Eleven and Hopper made it to the gate in time, which led all the Demodogs away from Dustin and the group.

Will the Mind Flayer be able to reach them in the new season like it reached Will? It’s definitely possible, and because it’s possible, Dustin and Hopper are more at risk than pretty much any of the main characters from the Hawkins Heroes group.

Like Eleven, Dustin and Hopper are too integral to the series to be killed off. It would be a brutal blow to a group that has experienced so much. I don’t think the Duffer Brothers would do that to us, and I don’t see how the series could move on without these two important characters.

Dustin is, possibly, the best younger character the show has. He’s a fan favorite, and the fans would boycott if he were killed off. It’s basically the same thing with Hopper. They just couldn’t do that to the fans. I’d be shocked if these two were killed off, but the evidence is there to make fans a little worried.