9 characters most likely to die in Stranger Things 3

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9. Eleven

Let me preface this by saying: I don’t think Stranger Things and the Duffer Brothers will kill off their hero. Eleven is the reason many fans watch this show, and I don’t think the Duffer Brothers are that ruthless.

Eleven, though, has revealed herself to the Mind Flayer, the monster from the Upside Down (or that is the Upside Down) that caused Will so many problems in Stranger Things 2. Eleven shut the gate using her powers, and now that the Mind Flayer knows about her, I don’t think it is just going to let her just chill until their next battle.

Based on the trailer, it also looks like there is an assassin looking for Eleven at the Fair. We see a clip of a guy with a gun followed by Hopper and Eleven running from the Fair. There are other threats to her in the new season, aside of the Mind Flayer.

Then, we have to remember Millie Bobby Brown’s emotional goodbyes when Stranger Things 3 wrapped. Many fans thought that meant that she was done on the show. Although I don’t think it was and Brown has even denied that was the case, it’s possible her arc might come to an end in season 3.

Is Eleven really in danger of dying in Stranger Things 3? I don’t think so, but I think we need to believe that’s possible. This show is not Game of Thrones, and I don’t think we’ll see another cheap death likes Barb’s on this show ever again.

Eleven should make it out of Stranger Things 3 alive, but the rest of these characters are definitely in danger.