Lucifer: Tom Ellis shares how season 4 is different from past seasons

Lucifer season 4 - Credit: John P. Fleenor/Netflix
Lucifer season 4 - Credit: John P. Fleenor/Netflix /

Straight from the Devil’s mouth, we learn what changes can be expected in the upcoming season 4 of Netflix’s Lucifer.

Our favorite fallen angel offered a few tidbits of what to expect in Lucifer season 4 on Netflix in a recent interview with The Wrap.

There was a lot of speculation about darker themes in the new season. According to the interview with Ellis, that is happening in season 4. Fans will be treated to a slightly edgier Lucifer. As the showrunners are no longer bound by the same tight regulations imposed on cable TV, we will indeed be seeing more everything this season.

Here are some of the changes Ellis mentioned in the interview, via The Wrap:

"“Because I think one of the reasons the show really worked and had such a broad appeal to people was that it didn’t get vulgar, it didn’t push it too far in certain departments. That being said, we do sort of push it a little bit more than we were allowed to on Fox. For example, you may see a bit more flesh this year, certainly Lucifer’s, than you have in previous seasons. You may hear the odd word that you wouldn’t have heard before.”"

Ellis was quick to point out that the essence of the show will not change, and the parts that we all fell (no pun intended) in love with will stay the same. It is the same show at its core, but it’s just a little freer to push the boundaries then it was before when it was on Fox. That’s exciting!

So what will be different in Lucifer season 4?

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Break out the smelling salts and make sure you watch sitting down. We will be seeing more of Lucifer’s amazing bod that he has been working so hard (pun intended) on, among others. While that is something that those of us whose minds live in the gutter are looking forward to most, there are other changes that are exciting as well.

Since all of the episodes are being released at the same time on the same platform, everyone is, or at least can be, on the same episode at the same time. When the show was on Fox, that wasn’t the case for everyone around the world. Before Lucifer came to Netflix, people who didn’t live in the US were behind on episodes and had to play catch-up constantly. That’s not an easy place to be in this world of spoilers we find ourselves living in.

Tom Ellis and the rest of the cast will be live tweeting episodes on Twitter at 6 pm PT.  Join the party. Crash Twitter. Show Netflix the love we have for Lucifer so that they bring it back for another season.

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