Does Stranger Things wait too long between seasons?

STRANGER THINGS - Credit: Netflix
STRANGER THINGS - Credit: Netflix /

Fans will wait about two years between seasons of Stranger Things by the time Stranger Things 3 premieres. Is that too long to wait between seasons of a Netflix show?

We’re two months away from the Stranger Things 3 premiere on July 4! If it feels like a long wait between seasons of the great Netflix original series, that’s because it has been!

Stranger Things premiered in July 2016, and we saw Stranger Things 2 a little more than a year later in October 2017. The gap between seasons 2 and 3 is a lot longer. By the time Stranger Things 3 premieres, it will have been 21 months, basically, between seasons. That’s a long gap for a TV show.

Surely, fans will need to re-watch the second season and probably the full series before the third season. With that said, is the wait between new seasons of Stranger Things too long?

I have a feeling an overwhelming number of fans are screaming “YES!” at their phone or computer. Maybe at one time, I might have been one of them, but I’ve thought about this a lot in the past few years.

In my greed, I’d love for an endless stream of new Stranger Things seasons to binge-watch on Netflix. I love this show, and I have since I saw the first episode. There are few shows that create real magic, and to me, Stranger Things is one of the shows. I’d like to live in this world as long as possible.

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On the other hand, I recognize how much work and how much time goes into a series like this. It’s exhausting. To avoid burnout on all sides (viewers, creators, crew and, of course, the performers), it makes sense to take a longer time between seasons.

If you don’t agree, just watch Game of Thrones. Watching these last few episodes, it’s clear that the creative team is exhausted. They did six seasons in six years filming all over the world, and in last three years, fans will only get 13 episodes with the story coming at full speed. There’s less time for the nuance that the show was built on during its first few seasons. This is something Netflix does not want to run into with Stranger Things. 

Could Netflix force the Duffer Brothers and their teams to create a new season every year? Of course, they could. Why would they at this point? Stranger Things 3 anticipation is at an all-time high, and the show hasn’t been on since October 2017.

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Taking the time between seasons is good for everyone. It gives the fans time to think about what’s going to happen and truly be excited about its return. There will be less burnout on both sides, the fans watching the show and those making this great series.

Considering how long we have to wait for major movies, like Star Wars, the Marvel movie franchises (usually), and other popular franchises, the wait between seasons of Stranger Things is about average, and I think that’s by design. There has to be a formula for success that these media distributors use, and Netflix has all the data they need to make decisions like that.

What do you think? Does the wait between seasons of the series really bother you? Do you mind waiting that long? Clearly, I think the wait is well worth it! Let us know what you think in the comments below!

Stranger Things 3 premieres on Netflix on Thursday, July 4, 2019. Stay tuned for more news, teasers and trailers as we get closer to the release date.

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