Stranger Things meets an alien invasion in Netflix’s Rim of the World: Trailer

Rim of the World - Credit: Aaron Epstein
Rim of the World - Credit: Aaron Epstein /

Watch the trailer for the Netflix original film Rim of the World, which has a very Stranger Things meets an alien invasion vibe.

Netflix shared the trailer for their new original film Rim of the World, and it’s easy to see a few of similarities between this movie and Netflix’s best and most popular show, Stranger Things. Based on the trailer, Rim of the World looks and feels like a modern-day Stranger Things in the middle of an Independence Day-style alien invasion.

In the film, four kids go to summer camp. There, they venture too far from the camp, and then it happens. Aliens invade Earth. With human civilization under attack, the four kids set out on a mission to save the planet.

Miya, Cech, Jack Gore, Benjamin Flores Jr., Andrew Bachelor, and Alessio Scalzotto star in the film.  McG, best known for his work on Netflix’s The Babysitter, directed the film, while Zack Stentz wrote the screenplay for the film, according to a report from Collider.

Rim of the World premieres on Netflix on May 24, and Netflix fans should be super excited to see this original film. It has the potential to be one of Netflix’s best movies yet!

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Check out the trailer for Rim of the World below!

While the plot appears less like Stranger Things, it’s clear this film is inspired by a number of classics, like The Goonies, Independence Day, Attack the Block and more. In that way, the film feels like a collaborative effort in the same vein as Stranger Things.

This movie looks awesome! I don’t remember hearing much about it leading up to the month, but in a great month of new movies and shows heading to Netflix, Rim of the World is what I’m most excited to watch. I’m all about nostalgic movies that pay homage to all the filmmakers and creators who paved the way, and this film feels very much like that.

Netflix has done a great job of this in the past, and I’m hoping Rim of the World is another example of that.

While you wait for the Netflix film to be released on Netflix, you should check out McG’s other film on Netflix, The Babysitter. It’s not quite like this movie, from the trailer, but it’s definitely worth watching.

We’ll let you know more about the Netflix film when we find out more information! Stay tuned!

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