Jessica Jones season 3 is coming soon, according to Netflix

Credit: Marvel's Jessica Jones - David Giesbrecht/Netflix
Credit: Marvel's Jessica Jones - David Giesbrecht/Netflix /

Netflix teases Marvel’s Jessica Jones season 3 is coming soon! This is the final season of the Netflix original series starring Krysten Ritter.

Marvel’s Jessica Jones season 3 is coming soon to a Netflix near you! The third season will be the final season of the series.

We were expecting Jessica Jones season 3 to be released on Netflix sometime this spring. The second season premiered on International Women’s Day 2018 (March 8), so we were expecting to see the final season around the same time, especially considering Marvel’s The Punisher season 2 premiered in January 2019. There’s usually a gap of a few months between new seasons of the Netflix-Marvel shows.

So, when is Jessica Jones season 3 coming to the streaming service? I was hoping it would be in May, but that doesn’t look like it will happen, as Netflix has already shared the full list of what’s new on Netflix in May.

If not May, I think there’s a good chance we see the series in July or August. I don’t think Netflix will release it before Stranger Things in June, and I think they’d like to tie it into San Diego Comic-Con 2019 somehow, which happens mid-July. That’s just a guess, though. Marvel and Netflix are super secretive, so we’ll find out when they want us to.

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The official Jessica Jones Twitter account teased the release date of the final season of the series with a new Alias Investigations poster. We shared the teaser below!

As mentioned, this will be the final season. Netflix canceled Jessica Jones, along with all the other Marvel-Netflix shows, Daredevil, The Punisher, Iron Fist and Luke Cage. It’s the end of an era for Netflix, as they chose to move a lot of their projects in-house and cancel shows from other studios. The Marvel shows have not been the only shows to bite the dust at Netflix. Check out the full list of Netflix shows canceled or renewed this year.

I’m really interested to see what happens with Jessica Jones season 3. The second season was a step back from a promising first season. I was excited to see this show come back for one last season to wrap up all the loose ends, but I’m not sure where the show goes for season 3. Will it connect back to the other Marvel-Netflix shows? Will it include the Snap? When is it set in the greater MCU timeline?

We’ve seen and heard references to the MCU in the series, but they have also largely avoided the consequences and aftermath of the major Marvel movies. How do you avoid Avengers: Infinity War and Avengers: Endgame? It will be difficult, as I don’t know how privy the Jessica Jones writing staff was to the Avengers storylines.

We’ll find out soon! Stay tuned!

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