Netflix won’t let One Day at a Time go to CBS All Access

ONE DAY AT A TIME - Credit: Ali Goldstein/Netflix
ONE DAY AT A TIME - Credit: Ali Goldstein/Netflix /

One Day at a Time is not headed to CBS All Access or another streaming service, according to Netflix VP Cindy Holland.

One Day at a Time will not be revived at CBS All Access unless Netflix changes their mind in the near future.

The Hollywood Reporter interviewed Cindy Holland, Netflix’s VP of original content, and in the interview, Holland mentioned that One Day at a Time will not be moving to the streaming service.

After Netflix canceled One Day at a Time and some time passed, it was reported CBS All Access was interested in bringing back One Day at a Time for another season. They reached out to Netflix to see if they could happen, but Netflix did not give the streaming network permission to move on with season 4 of the series.

Netflix, because of their deal with Sony Pictures TV, can block One Day at a Time from continuing at another network, and based on Holland’s comments, it doesn’t sound like Netflix is willing to let CBS All Access make another season of the series.

Here is what Holland told The Hollywood Reporter when pressed on One Day at a Time, via THR:

"“We invested in three seasons and having a home at Netflix. We negotiated for specific rights in the deal, which we paid for. We paid for the show in its entirety plus profit to Sony. They have the ability to sell it to broadcast and network but we don’t think that it’s appropriate that it show up on a competitive streaming platform.”"

Holland is pretty clear that Netflix will not back down on this issue. They will not allow the series to continue at a CBS All Access, “a competitive streaming platform.”

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Obviously, this is not what One Day at a Time fans want to hear. There was a lot of hope CBS All Access would be the savior Netflix has been for several different shows over the last few years. Unless Netflix pulls a 180 on this, there’s no chance this show continues at CBS All Access.

It makes sense why Netflix would want to make sure this show doesn’t go to another streaming service. Netflix did invest money, time and resources into making this show as good as it could be, and to let another streaming network benefit from that might be a mistake for the streaming network.

Holland did suggest One Day at a Time could continue on another network, cable or broadcast, though. That’s unlikely to happen, considering the series wasn’t pulling a huge rating for Netflix. It’s hard to imagine a cable or broadcast network taking on this series.

So, this might be the end of the line for One Day at a Time, unfortunately. Of course, we wish it wasn’t this way. I’m hoping Netflix will change their mind about CBS All Access, which is not a threat to Netflix by any stretch. That seems to be this show’s only hope for a revival.

We’ll let you know more about this series and its future when we find out. Stay tuned!

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