Dark season 2 is coming to Netflix in June 2019: Watch the new trailer

Dark Season 1 - Credit: Stefan Erhard/Netflix
Dark Season 1 - Credit: Stefan Erhard/Netflix /

The Dark season 2 release date has been announced. The new season premieres on Netflix on Friday, June 21.

Dark season 2 is coming to Netflix in June 2019! The streaming network revealed the new season will arrive on Friday, June 21. Netflix also treated fans to a tense trailer. The German show was a “response” to the popularity of Stranger Things in 2017.

International shows make waves with Netflix users. Recent shows like After LifeThe Rain, and Turn Up Charlie, have made the international market appealing to users in North America. Granted, Netflix in other countries is a major success and doesn’t necessarily need to cater to North American (American) audiences, yet, shows like Dark are culture responses.

Fans of the series may want to rewatch the first season to determine when certain events occurred and to who. Anytime a mode of time travel is introduced and the point of view switches from year to year, it gets confusing. Additionally, it’s all in German. Of course, there is the dubbed version available for those who dislike subtitles, but seeing and hearing the actors is the better way to watch.

Check out the release date announcement below!

In the first season, Dark follows the lives of a small-ish town with a focal point on a nuclear substation and a shady history of the company that runs it. There are tomes of family drama surrounding every character and it all finds a way to tie into the past, present, and future. The season 2 trailer looks to deliver on that premise again and lead viewers into many different time periods.

When Stranger Things took over Netflix and possibly the entire internet, some creators scrambled to capitalize on the success. Dark is the product of that capitalization. There is family drama mixed in along with massive consequences to the literal fabric of the universe in the hands of a few young kids and not enough adults.

Be sure to binge the first season of Dark exclusively on Netflix and catch the new season on June 21.

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