5 reasons Disney+ should make an Incredibles TV spin-off

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Incredibles 2
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As you no doubt know, the Mouse House is on the cusp of launching its own streaming service, Disney+. An Incredibles TV series would be a great fit.

As well as the full back catalog of beloved movies and shows, Disney is set to drop a ton of original content on there, too – including TV series from the Marvel and Star Wars universes.

Pixar will also get in on the act. It was revealed earlier this month that the studio is working on Monsters at Work, a TV show set to continue on from the end of Monsters, Inc. that will follow Sully and Mike in the enlightened monster world that now derives energy from laughter not screams.

That got me to thinking what other Pixar movies deserve a TV spinoff next. Well, one leaped a tall building in a single bound and came to me: it has to be The Incredibles

Not convinced? Let me persuade you with the following five reasons.

5. Superheroes are legalized again!

The big twist on the superhero genre that has defined both Incredibles films is that it’s set in a world that’s got sick of superheroes and has outlawed them. In each movie, we’ve followed the Parrs are they have fought to recapture the golden days of heroism and change public opinion. At the end of Incredibles 2, their hard work finally paid off and supers were legalized again.

Which is where my proposed TV series comes in. We haven’t seen the Incredibles’ world when it’s full of supers so that would be one of hooks for the show. The family adjusting to a world where they aren’t the only active supers anymore could be interesting to explore.

It feels like Pixar owes us the next installment in the franchise to find out what happens following this world-changing move.

4. Explore the Incrediverse

Another reason why an Incredibles show has to happen is that it would be a crime not to further explore the world writer/director Brad Bird has set up in the first two movies. We’re used to big, wide-ranging universes in our superhero films, but the thing is that the Marvel and DC worlds have been built up by various creatives over decades. It’s mighty impressive that what I’m now going to call the Incrediverse feels so lived-in when it’s only been dreamed up by Bird for Pixar.

Incredibles 2 touched on all the other superheroes that are out there in the Parrs’ hometown of Metroville and beyond, so a TV show would allow us to get to know these guys better. Likewise, there are also other interesting supporting characters to include like pro-hero advertising guru Winston Deavor and Rick Decker, the man in black who wipes folks’ minds. And that’s not even getting started on the villains…