The Simpsons: Highlights and memorable moments from “Doh Canada”

THE SIMPSONS: After Homer steals Comic Book GuyÕs car, he must either prove his innocence in court or reconcile with the jilted nerd in the all-new Ò101 MitigationsÓ episode of THE SIMPSONS airing Sunday, March 3 (8:00-8:30 PM ET/PT). THE SIMPSONS ª and © 2019 TCFFC ALL RIGHTS RESERVED.
THE SIMPSONS: After Homer steals Comic Book GuyÕs car, he must either prove his innocence in court or reconcile with the jilted nerd in the all-new Ò101 MitigationsÓ episode of THE SIMPSONS airing Sunday, March 3 (8:00-8:30 PM ET/PT). THE SIMPSONS ª and © 2019 TCFFC ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. /

The latest episode of The Simpsons took a departure from the norm and sent our favorite cartoon family to Canada. Read on for a highlight reel of Season 30, Episode 21.

Whether you’re American or Canadian, last night’s episode of The Simpsons touched on some subjects that are relevant to both countries’ citizens. Between healthcare, immigration, and asylum seekers, all of it was covered in the span of twenty-one minutes. These were some of the more serious portions of the episode but Season 30, Episode 21 also offered us more than a few laugh-out-loud moments.

Despite taking a slightly serious approach to the social dilemmas we’re faced with today, The Simpsons’ writers and producers managed to keep “Doh Canada” light and humorous—even Lisa’s induction into Canada’s asylum program was done tastefully.

Most fans would expect the show’s producers to poke fun at how children crossing the Southern border are treated in detention centers, but instead, the show’s writers went in the opposite direction by granting us a look at Canada’s progressive approach to children in need of help.

Apart from that standout moment, the episode also brought a long-standing debate to a screeching halt. But if you want to know exactly which plot thread we’re referring to, you’ll have to browse through our highlight reel below.

  • Dead Stores

People within the United States used to recognize Toys R’ Us and Circuit City as everyday brands but they’ve seemingly been shut down in recent years. The Simpsons pays one last tribute to these forgotten brands in “Doh Canada” when the cartoon family drives past two of them. The problem is that these stores are shut down.

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On the way to Canada, the Simpson family drive through upstate New York. The road is barren with little to nothing on it. But during this trip, they drive past a Toys R’ Us location that recently shut down. We know it was recent because Geoffrey The Giraffe is out front. Unfortunately, Geoffrey is taking the store’s shut down the hardest because he’s about to hang himself from the giant red letters hanging off of the store.

  • The real Asylum treatment

The issue is of major relevance as a mass of asylum seekers are flooding the Southern Border of the United States. They’re doing so to avoid the violence that’s overtaken their South American countries but the process is slow going, to say the least. And while the United States is hesitating to induct any of these individuals into the asylum programs in place, Canada is taking immigration in stride.

Last night’s episode of The Simpsons provided fans with a glimpse at how Canada operates its immigration programs when Lisa washes up on their shores. She’s taken to a hospital for care but then Lisa is questioned about the United States. Lisa says she feels unsafe, listing all kinds of reasons for wanting to leave. The Mountie, he sees Lisa’s testimony as evidence to suggest that she’s suffering from political repression. He then forces Lisa into Canada’s asylum program. The Simpsons are standing alongside Lisa during this whole incident but are powerless to stop the Canadian Mounties. They’re deported shortly after Lisa’s capture.

What’s interesting is that Lisa winds up in a good home. Rather than being housed in a detention center on the edge of the country, Lisa is immediately adopted by a loving family. Canada doesn’t have to deal with the same volume of immigrants that the United States is currently handling, but the example set by our neighbors to the north says enough about how differently the two countries tackle similar issues.

  • Nelson Muntz’s father finally returns home

Depending on how familiar you are with Nelson Muntz’s life story, you may know that Nelson’s family is a broken one. His mother is an alcoholic stripper with an unstable personality and Mr. Muntz ditched them when Nelson was really young. The only thing we knew about Eddie is that he went out for smokes and never came back. Now, however, it looks like Eddie Muntz was hiding out in Canada.

The final moments of “Doh Canada” include an appearance by the Mountie who rescued Lisa. He’s come by Lisa’s classroom to give a speech and he’s dragging a criminal along with him. The audience can’t see who it is until the Mountie pulls the criminal into frame, and it’s Eddie Muntz. An explanation for Eddie’s past whereabouts isn’t given, but if there’s anything to his arrival, audiences could see more of Nelson’s father in future episodes of The Simpsons. Then again, these types of cameos never last, so it wouldn’t surprise us to hear that Eddie left a second time.

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What did you think of last night’s episode of The Simpsons? And did the resurgence of Eddie Muntz surprise you? Let us know in the comments section below.

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