All the Netflix shows canceled or renewed in 2019

LUCIFER season 4 - Credit: John P. Fleenor/Netflix
LUCIFER season 4 - Credit: John P. Fleenor/Netflix /
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After Life season 2 - Ricky Gervais
After Life – Credit: Natalie Seery /

Renewed: After Life

Renewed for: Season 2

What it’s about: Tony’s life was perfect. At least, that’s what he thought. When his wife dies, his whole outlook on life changes. Tony changes from a happy-go-lucky type of guy to someone who prefers to live the way he wants. He’ll say hurtful things and just act selfishly, because what’s the point?

As he changes, his friends and family decide to try to prevent him from being this mean and hurtful person. They want to keep him as the nice guy they’ve always known.

Why the renewal is good: After Life is one of those shows that is entertaining but also meaningful. It brings up plenty of questions about life and death, including why we’re all really on the planet.

There is something for everyone within this Ricky Gervais show. If you can only think of Gervais from the British version of The Office, take your mind off that right now. It’s not the same type of comedy, giving you something realistic and heartbreaking to watch, while also adding comedy in the middle.

We need more comedies that offer more than just laughs. The writing in After Life has been excellent, with plenty of character development for all. There’s someone for everyone to attach to, whether you’ve been through loss or not. The plot has been thought out before being worked on, with a clear road from beginning to end.

There’s certainly a fanbase for this show. After Life was renewed just days after it was first released and we love that there are more episodes coming.