All the Netflix shows canceled or renewed in 2019

LUCIFER season 4 - Credit: John P. Fleenor/Netflix
LUCIFER season 4 - Credit: John P. Fleenor/Netflix /
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Canceled: Marvel’s Jessica Jones

Number of seasons: 2 (third season still to debut)

What it’s about: Jessica Jones is one of Marvel’s darkest characters, a vigilante who is a private detective living with PTSD. When a tragedy puts an end to her being a superhero, she decides to solve crime through her own detective agency in New York City.

While she wants to do good, she finds it difficult with her PTSD. And she isn’t really interested in simply saving the world. She has secrets that she’s holds close to her and those secrets could end up killing her.

Why it was canceled: Viewership? Contract problems? Cost? We’ll never know. Netflix has been mighty quiet about why the show was canceled. It wasn’t a shocking cancellation though.

We just have to look at every other Marvel-Netflix series being canceled to know that this was coming. The writing was on the wall, so to speak.

The sad thing is, Jessica Jones has been canceled ahead of the third season debut. Just how many people are going to tune in for it knowing that it’s the end? Well, maybe there’s been time to write a fitting ending for this show compared to all the rest. That will be worth tuning in for.

Reaction to the cancellation: Like The PunisherJessica Jones didn’t get the uproar that the majority of other Netflix show cancellations have received. By this point, fans knew that the female vigilante wasn’t going to get to see a fourth season. If Daredevil was canceled then Jessica Jones was never going to be safe.

However, that doesn’t stop the questions. The biggest reaction is understanding why this has happened. Oh, and there are wishes that the show is picked up by the Disney+ streaming service.