All the Netflix shows canceled or renewed in 2019

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One Day at a Time Season 3 Netflix
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Canceled: One Day at a Time

Number of seasons: 3

What it’s about: The dramedy is inspired by the 1975 series of the same name by Norman Lear. One Day at a Time on Netflix follows Penelope, an Army veteran and newly single mother. She has to raise her Cuban-American family, working through the ups and downs that life throws at them.

While working as a nurse, Penelope also helps to raise two strong-willed children. However, she needs help and turns to her mother, who has an older way of raising children and soon causes tensions between parenting styles.

Why it was canceled: The news of the cancellation certainly surprised many. While there were calls from the showrunners, writers, and actors to watch the series, nobody really thought that Netflix would cancel one of its most diverse and inclusive shows.

And then it did. And it was all because of low viewer numbers. Not enough people were watching One Day at a Time, making it cost-ineffective to continue to produce the series.

It was soon clear that the way costs rise for Netflix shows was the culprit. While primetime shows rise in cost with each season, the third season of a Netflix Original is always substantially more than the second. Netflix has to be able to justify that cost, and it couldn’t.

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Reaction to the cancellation: Needless to say, the reaction to One Day at a Time being canceled hasn’t been positive. In fact, the focus has been to help the series find a new home. At one point, it looked like CBS All Access could take the show but then the Netflix contracts got in the way and it doesn’t look like Netflix is willing to budge.

This is one of the most positively progressive shows out there. Fans deserve more episodes and yet the streaming service steps in the way. However, campaigns to save the show are not slowing down.