All the Netflix shows canceled or renewed in 2019

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Lucifer — Photo credit: John P. Fleenor/Netflix — Acquired via Netflix Media Center

There are many Netflix Originals out there. While some are quickly renewed, others have sadly been canceled. Here are all the renewed and canceled Netflix shows in 2019.

Netflix shows come and go. Sure, they get to remain on the service, but it comes to a time when there are no new episodes added. Whether it’s because there’s genuinely no interest or the cost of production outweighs the interest, it’s sad when you see your favorite shows are canceled.

Then there are the shows that are renewed. Whether they’re new shows that immediately take off or they’re shows in their third or fourth seasons with a major following, getting the renewal announcement brings a sigh of relief for the fans of those particular programs.

With so many Netflix shows out there, it can be difficult to keep track of everything that has been canceled and renewed. You may not even know that some of the shows are even Netflix Originals.

To help you keep on track with the recent decisions, we’re bringing you a complete list of the shows that have been canceled and renewed. These are all the shows with the concrete decisions, rather than including ones that are still pending. As the streaming service makes a decision on other shows, they’ll be added to this list so you have one complete resource for the 2019 decisions.

Some of these will likely already be at the top of your list of shows to watch or protests to make against cancellations. There are some decisions you’ll have certainly questioned at the time — and still question now — whether it’s for the cancellation or the renewal decisions.

Here’s your complete list of Netflix shows that have been renewed and canceled in 2019.

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