Stranger Things 3: 15 fan theories crazy enough to be true

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Brenner is still alive

After the end of Stranger Things 2, the Duffer brothers confirmed that Dr. Brenner is still alive, but they didn’t indicate where, why or how he would appear again. With that confirmed, fans are speculating about what his role will be.

My best guess is that we’re not remotely done with the lab and experiments storyline and he’ll appear in some capacity for that. We’ve met Eleven and Eight, so we know that there are other kids out there with powers.

While I don’t think Dr. Brenner is the most interesting character to focus on, it does feel like the experiments go far beyond just what he was doing. If the Russians are pulling the strings, there could be a much deeper story than fans initially expected.

Is Dr. Brenner being alive still important in the bigger scope of things? Maybe, but his character seems to serve on purpose and the show will have to have a pretty specific reason for bringing him back. That doesn’t mean he won’t still be perceived as a threat, too. With people thinking he might be dead, there’s a chance for a big reveal and an explanation as to why he isn’t dead.