Stranger Things 3: 15 fan theories crazy enough to be true

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Stranger Things – Credit: Netflix
Stranger Things – Credit: Netflix /

The monster

As someone who has never paid much attention to Dungeons & Dragons, some of the references to it have flown by me in the show. Thankfully, it never made me enjoy the show any less. With a new monster shown in the trailer, fans are now thinking of what it could be based on. Some think it is a different D&D monster, while others think it could be a rat king.

The Ringer’s Miles Surrey brought up the idea of the rat king when writing about the trailer. I don’t make it a habit of paying close attention to rats, so it was interesting to find out about rat kings. Since the real thing doesn’t look as bad as the monster we see in the trailer, there would have to be some sort of alteration to it.

It also looks like Billy starts to get infected when he takes a shower, so there’s a chance of him becoming the monster. That one feels a little more farfetched to me, though. We know Billy isn’t the greatest guy, but making him even worse doesn’t feel like a fitting ending for him. Not unless it leads to some sort of redemption arc.

Bruce will be introduced this season and he’s described as a journalist with a sick sense of humor. The quick shot we see of him shows him either bloody or infected by something. However, if he and Billy both end up infected, we’re not getting the full picture (and why would we, since it’s only a trailer). My best guess is that there won’t just be one monster. Given what we’ve seen in the previous two seasons, it’s never just one thing that comes around.