Stranger Things 3: 15 fan theories crazy enough to be true

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The Russians

From the looks of things, the Russians could be involved in Stranger Things 3. In the date announcement teaser, there’s a moment where the code looks like it’s in Russian. Fans were able to make out Oдиннадцать, which translates to Eleven.

It also looks like there’s some sort of spy or assassin involved in the upcoming season, which means that the Russians could be out to target Eleven since she poses a serious threat due to her powers and the fact that she’s no longer contained.

While plenty of monsters have already made Hawkins, Indiana a dangerous place, throwing spies into the mix could only make things worse. I think we’re really in for a treat with this season, especially if they do throw in some new elements to the story. The spy storyline could bring a whole different dynamic to the story.

Back in the second season, Murray mentioned a secret Russian invasion, which led some to believe that maybe he was a spy. However, that theory was already squashed by David Harbour. Although, the Duffer Brothers probably have something up their sleeves, so I wouldn’t put it past them to still include the secret invasion, even if Murray isn’t involved. Plus, Murray being the conspiracy theorist that he is, maybe he winds up chasing the story.