Stranger Things 3: 15 fan theories crazy enough to be true

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Stranger Things
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Someone tries to re-open “the gate” to the Upside Down

In the trailer, we see that someone is trying to get into the Upside Down, or so it would appear. There’s someone in a gas mask who gets blown back due to an explosion. We only have a quick look at it since the trailer cuts together a lot of footage, much of which flies by.

I actually enjoy that the person who gets blown away is in a mask. It lets us know a couple of things. First, we can’t tell who it is and so there’s a mystery that remains. Second, the mask implies that the environment isn’t safe and there’s a certain amount of danger surrounding the whole situation. While those might be obvious things, the trailer doesn’t really give too much away as far as the little details go.

What could possibly happen if the gate to the Upside Down is open again? Only bad things, I imagine. The Upside Down grabbed hold of Barb and never let her go. Will was lucky to get out alive, especially considering how much longer he was down there.

It is possible that the gate being reopened is what triggers the new monster that we see in the trailer. I look forward to finding out who is behind that scene.